Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mmmm Mmmmm Juicy Wine Purse

In keeping with the holiday spirit, I decided to break out my cranberry/wine color Juicy Couture Tycoon purse. Last season I purchased this Juicy Couture Tycoon Leather Handbag from (Sample Sale Website). It retails for around $350 but Hautelook had it on sale for $150. I remember it arriving at the beginning of the Spring season and I just felt that lighter colored bags were more appropriate with the weather and my outfit choices. Now is the perfect time to wear this gorgeous wine hue with my dark skinny jeans and black peat coat. Some versions of the handbag have different accessories attached to the chains at one side, mine has a small gold cutout of a puppy. This is the only part of the bag design that I am not thrilled with. I'm thinking about removing it because it cheapens the look of the bag. Normally, I am not a fan of Juicy Couture for this reason, but I loved the shape and color of this bag and for the sale price I could not pass it up.

The flash definitely washes out the color and makes it appear more pink, but its definitely a deep wine or burgundy (hate that word) color.

Happy Holidays! What holiday inspired accessories do you like to break out for the season?

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  1. Love the purse! You're right, the color and shape are fab!